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A Story in Every Weave

Pure Poetry in Textile Form

Our Products

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Katha Living offers products for sale through a limited number of exclusive, to the trade showrooms and interior designers.

Ethical, Original, Intricate, Sophisticated, Quality

Where innovation & tradition intersect

Meet the best and brightest.

Meticulously designed and handpicked to suit an eclectic, discerning, and dynamic community, our offerings represent more than just a passion; we believe it is the product of human creativity that sustains us —and feeds our soul.

As this ever changing industry evolves, so do we; bringing one of a kind, innovative collections that showcase the best in style, craftsmanship, and technology. Today’s clients demand the best in fashion, and we deliver without compromising the integrity, quality, or versatility of our collections.

Our Ethics & Standards

— Responsibly sourced materials and labor
— Unique fibers chosen for their character
— Unparalleled artistry & vintage looms
— Strive for innovative and unique products
— Easily discernible quality and craftsmanship

Blending Styles Through Innovation

— Traditional weaves with inventive updates
— Creative fiber combinations add depth and texture
— Influenced by today’s global market
— Patterns inspired by nature
— Classic design favorites with inspired twists