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Fiber Content: 33% Wool/53% Sisal/14% Jute
Construction: Hand-Loomed
Width: 16’4”
Pattern Repeat: N/A
Colors: Doe, Limestone, Straw

Sadler is a perfect combination of gorgeously intermingled textures and fabrics that creates a unique and gently bold effect.

Product Description

This hand-loomed carpet displays the rustic qualities of jute and sisal balanced and softened by the perfect luster of wool yarn. Sadler is pure heaven to the senses, featuring a nubby texture and nature-inspired colors. If you are familiar with our products, you know combining materials that are not usually combined is one of our signature moves. Sadler comes together as one of our pinnacle products, demonstrating just how seamlessly opposites can attract. Composed of 33% wool, 53% sisal, and 14% jute, Sadler juxtaposes the more rugged texture of sisal with the softer and stronger jute strands, tying it all together with the ultimate luxury and look of wool. Offered in a width of 16’4″, Sadler comes in 3 colorations. It is available in Doe, Limestone and Straw.


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